BBC Bois is specializing in wooden structures construction, carpentry and other works around wood and energy savings in construction. Our dedicated team of talented craftsmen produce everything from the most bespoke joinery to major building construction, refurbishment, renovation and conversions.

Based in Langueux, near Saint Brieuc, we have been involved since the beginning in wood-frame houses projects, and we will be proud to share with you our construction practices and skills. Given wood’s natural characteristics in construction like firestopping, healthy, comfortable, reliable, flexible, sustainable, insulating material aso…, we are convinced that wooden houses are the best value for money in building.

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We can handle your project from scratch and start with a brand new design, then move to construction. We are used to work with professional architects or we can start woodworking on plans done by your people. Anyway, to move on, do the first step by getting in touch with us, it will be our pleasure to cooperate with you.

bardage bois Avec la mention RGE, cumulez travaux de rénovation énergétique et Crédit d'Impôt, TVA réduite à 5.5%, certificats d'économie d'énergie (CEE), Prêt à Taux Zéro (PTZ).

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